Film distribution is the process of making a movie available for viewing by an audience. For commercial projects, film distribution is usually accompanied by film promotion. When a film is initially produced, a feature film is often shown to audiences in a movie theatre. Even non - commercial movie projects, with low or no budget for marketing need promotion to reach the wider audience.

M.A.M.M.A. distribution collaborates with the auteurs and searching for the great movies that have hard to reach Nordic countries as well as Balkan countries.

Since 2011 we have distributed about 200 movies to the cinemas in Nordic countries and Balkans, among them 100 were feature films mostly from Balkan, Nordic courtiers and around the world.

Our distribution chain involves three firm Film Festivals we founded as Balkan New Film Festival in Nordic counties (arranges between February- May in different cities and Nordic countries with premiere in Stockholm second week in February), Balkan New Film Festival DOC:SHORT (third weekend in December) www.baneff.com, Forteca International Film Festival on Balkan (last week in July) www.fiffp.com, and two flexible SNOWE - women in film creative networking - around the world, www.snowe.se and new comer Festival of the Heavenly Films

M.A.M.M.A. production is on a way to found own TV Channel BANOR TV in collaboration with Öppna kanalen Stockholm - sending program every Tuesday and Thursday at 19.00 and 21.00, supported by pod- channel BANOR TV on YouTube.

Some of the (independent) Cinemas we have collaborated with in Nordic countries are:

ZITA - Stockholm

Vallentuna bio - Vallentuna

ABF Stockholm

Kulturhus i Kungsängen

CNEMA - Norrköping

ELEKTRA - Västerås

HAGA and CAPITOL - Göteborg

SPEGEL and PANORA - Malmö, with more.

CINEMATEKET - Oslo, Trondheim and Bergen in Norway


In Balkans:

KINOTEKA - Belgrad, Serbia

RANILUG - Kosova and Metohija

ZETSKI DOM - Cetinje, Montenegro

MUZEJ and TRG - Perast, Montenegro


We have collaboration with RTS, SVT and NRK and get support from Swedish Film Institute, Stockholm city, Swedish Institute, Norwegian Film Institute, cities in Sweden and Norway and local organisations.


Short list of the distributed films:



Beli beli svet/White White World - Drama, 2010, 121 min, serbisk dialog med engelsk text

Tilva Ros -  Tonårsdrama, 2010, 95 min, serbisk dialog med engelsk text

Sisanje/Skinning - Drama, 2010, 98 min, serbisk dialog med engelsk text

Cekaj me ja sigurno necu doci - Dramakomedi, 2009, 91 min, serbisk dialog med engelsk text

Montevideo, bog te video! – Äventyrsdrama, 2010, 140 min, serbisk dialog med engelsk text



THIS IS NOT AN AMERICAN MOVIE,  Makedonien 2011,  97 min.

LOCAL VAMPIRE,  Montenegro 2011, 110 min.

ABANDONED,  Bosnien och Hercegovina 2010, 85 min.

PROFESSOR KOSTE VUJIC'S HAT,  Serbien 2012, 121 min.

GOOD NIGHT, MISSY,  Slovenien 2011, 97 min.

DAD,  Slovenien 2010, 71 min.

ON SENSITIVITY,  Grekland/Serbien 2008-2012, dokumentär 60 min.

ACE OF SPADES - BED DESTINY,  Montenegro 2012, 100 min.

TITO ON ICE,  Sverige 2012 – dokumentär 72 min.


Led \ Ice  

Regi: Jelena Bajic-Jocic \ Serbien-Sweden 2012 \ 104 min \ serbiska med svensk text \ drama

Ljudozder vegetarijanac \ Vegeterian Cannibal  

Regi: Branko Shmidt \ Kroatien 2012\ 85 min \ kroatiska med engelsk text \ skräck

To dentro kai i kounia \ The tree and the swing

Regi : Maria Douza \ Grekland 2013 \ 108 min \ grekiska med engelsk text\ drama

Falsifikator \ The Forger

Regi: Goran Markovic \Serbien – Bosnien och Hercegovina-Kroatien 2012 \ 90 min\ serbiska med engelsk text \ komedi

Балканот не е мртов / Balkan is not dead

Regi: Aleksanar Popovski\ FYR Makedonien 2013\  99 min \ makedoniska med engelsk text \ drama only OSLO och STOCKHOLM

The Weight of Chains

Regi : Boris Malagurski \ Kanada 2010 \ 124 min\ mix. med engelsk text \dokumentär

Kad svane dan \ When day breaks

Regi: Goran Paskaljevic \ Serbien-Frankrike-Kroatien 2012 \ 78 min \ serbiska med engelsk text\ drama

Behind closed doors\ Derriere les portes fermees

Regi: Maohammed Ahed Bensouda\ Morocco 2013 \ 102 min \ marockanska med engelsk text\  drama



Enklava / Enclave,

director Goran Radovanović, Germany/Serbia 2015, drama 92' Sebian/Albanian with English subtitle

Imena višnje/ Ungiven ,

director Branko Schmidt, Croatia 2014, drama 90', Croatian with English subtitle

Naša svakodnevna priča/ Our Everyday Life,

director Ines Tanovic, Bosnia and Hercegovina 2015, drama 89', Bosnian  with English subtitle, BaNeFF guest Ines Tanovic

Pored mene/Next to me,

director and scenario Stevan Filipovic, Serbia 2015, drama 94', Serbian with English text

BaNeFF 2016 guest Minja Bogavac

Dossieto Petrov/The Petrov File,

director Georgi Balabanov, Bulgaria 2015,  drama 93',  Bulgarian with English subtitle

Igra u tami/Darkness,

director Jug Radivojevic, Serbia 2015, drama 95', Serbian with English subtitle

Do Balchak / To the Hilt,

director Stole Popov, Macedonia 2015, historical drama action 165', Macedonian, French, English, Turkish with English subtitle

Bićemo  prvaci sveta/We Will Be the World Champions,

director Darko Bajić, Serbia 2015, family drama 127', Serbian with English subtitle

Za Kralja i otadžbinu/For King and Homeland,

Director Radoš Bajić, Serbia 2015, drama 90' Serbian  with English subtitle

Gorčilo - Jesi li to dosao da me vidis /Gorčilo – Did you come to see me,

director Milan Karadžić, Serbia 2015,  comedy 92, Serbian-Montenegrin with English subtitle

Ničije dete/ No One's Child,

director and screenwriter Vuk Ršumović, Serbia 2014,  drama 97', Serbian with English subtitle




director Nikola Kojo, Serbia 2016, drama - comedy 99' Sebian with English subtitle

Батальонъ/ Battalion,

director Dmitry Meskhiev, Russia 2015, drama, 124', Russian with English subtitle

Ernelláék Farkaséknál/ It’s Not The Time Of My Life,

director Szabolcs HAJDU, Hungary 2016, darma-comedy, 81', Hungarian with English subtitle

Ispod Mosta, Među Stijenama/Lowdown

2016, Montenegro, 80', Montenegrin with English subtitles

Tri dana u septembru/ Three Days In September,

2015, land, min,  Makedonia, director Darijan Pejovski

Igla Ispod Praga/ The Black Pin,

2016, Montenegro, Serbia, 93', director: Ivan Marinovic

Dnevnik masinovodje/  Train Driver's Diary,

2016, Serbia, 85', director Milos Radovic

Komedija solz/ Comedy of tears,  

2015/2016, Slovenia, 76', director Marko Sosic

Vlaznost/ Humidity

2016, Serbia, Netherlands, Greece, 113', director Nikola Ljuca

Osloboduvanje na Skopje/ The Liberation of Skopje

2016, Macedonia, 110', director Rade and Danilo Serbedzija



Ustav/ The Constitution, director Rajko Grlic, Croatia, 2016, comedy, drama, 93', Croatian with English subtitles

Stålkrigarinnor/ Iron Warrioresses/Čelične ratnice, director Jelena Mila, Sweden/Serbia 2018, drama 80', Serbian with Swedish subtitles

Slepi putnik na brodu ludaka/Stowaway on the ship of lunatics

director, Goran Markovic, Serbia, 2016, drama, 102', Serbian with English subtitles

The Books of Knjige: Slučajevi pravde/ The Books of Knjige: Cases of Justice, director Zoran Marković, Montenegro, 2017, crime comedy, 90', Montenegrin with English subtitles

Na mlečnom putu /On the Milky Road director Emir Kusturica, Bosnia and Hercegovina, UK, USA, 2017, comedy, drama, 125', Serbian with English subtitles

Kozje uši/Out of the Woods

director Marko Kostić, Serbia, 2017, comedy, drama, 107', Serbian with English subtitles

Cyril and Methodius: The Apostles of the Slavs, director Petr Nikolaev Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Slovenia, 2013, Educational-Adventure, 105', Czech with English subtitles

Motorat/ The Motorbike directort Valentin Goshev, Bulgaria, 2017, drama, 83', Bulgarian, German, English with English subtitles


Izgrednici/Offenders, Serbia, 2017, drama, 107', Serbian with English subtitles

Agape, Croatia, 2018, drama, 73', Croatian with English subtitles

Izmedju dana i noći/Neverending past, Montenegro, 2018, drama, 77', Montenegrin with English subtitles

Nigde/Nowhere, Serbia, 2017, drama, 88', Serbian with English subtitles

Godina na majmunot/ Year of the Monkey, North Macedonia - Slovenia, 2018, comedy, 110', North Macedonian, Croatian, Albanian, Bulgarian with English subtitles

Lada Kamenski, Croatia, 2018, drama, 71', Croatian with English subtitles

Zaba/The Frog, Bosnia and Hercegovina, 2017, drama, 78', Bosnian with English subtitles

Patuljci sa naslovnih strana/Front page midges, Serbia, 2018, comedy-drama, 92', Serbian with English subtitles

All this was arranged with the guests, premiere organization, and distribution to 20 cinemas in Nordic countries, we are leading supplier of the movies from Balkan in north Europa. More info on www.baneff.com.

Beside features, since 2015 BaNeFF has special edition of documentary and short films in Nordic courtiers from around the world BANeFF DOC:SHORT distributed in several cinemas in Sweden and Norway. More info on www.baneff.com; FB, Instagram, twitter/baneff

M.A.M.M.A. production is a member of Filmägarnas kontrollbyrå, Swedish Film Box Office - distributor, since 2012. (https://boxoffice.bioguiden.se)